Revive the heritage of Indian prints with Vishnu

Indian prints

Solids are perennial, no doubt. But there is an old-world charm that comes with prints. When we say prints, we don’t mean the mass produced, machine makes. We mean those delicates stunners that are handcrafted with all the love and passion in this world. The ones that Vishnu specializes in! 

The thing about printed ethnic wear at Vishnu is that every piece is one of its kind. Not only that but every print is entwined with generations of techniques and traditional tales. Wrap yourself in the opulence of these prints with these pieces:

  • Maroon Printed Kalamkari Ethnic Palazzo

If you have ever searched for straight palazzo pants online, you will agree that finding the right one is quite tricky. They could be too flared for your liking or could be too straight to be a palazzo. Well, meet his maroon kalamkari palazzo! Handprinted by the artisans of Nellore, it promises a chic appeal and comfortable fit. Detailed meticulously, it is one of those treasures you will cherish for life! 

  • Kota Doria Indigo Dupatta

Nobody is unknown to women and their love for an indigo dupatta. And rightly so! Look at this charming kota doria indigo dupatta for instance. Can you say that this beauty took weeks to make and imprint? Decked in a floral splatter and finished with tassels on the edges, this indigo dupatta is a show-stealer with a trail of legacy! Handcrafted masterpiece made with love, for you to love! 

  • Hand Printed Kalamkari Dress

kalamkari dress is no ordinary ethnic dress. It is the epitome of intricacy, an embodiment of the art of hand, an artisan’s pride! What makes this kalamkari dress special is the fact that it has taken more than 23 steps, executed over weeks to create this mesmerizing piece. From creating its unique mustard hue to etching it with a floral wine, everything on this kalamkari dress is done by hand and from scratch! Fabricated in our signature muslin viscose, a kalamkari dress that soulfully honors heritage Indian artwork! 

  • Hand Blocked Ajrakh Printed Light Brown Anarkali Dress

Honing from the land of Kutch – where water had never been their biggest strength, is this Ajrakh Anarkali. A fruition of the extraordinary resist dyeing technique that requires minimal water, this anarkali is proof that no matter how tricky the situation, there is always a way! A tribute to the hard-working kaarigars of Ajrakhpur, a pure handmade beauty for the discerning. 

  • Handblocked turquoise straight dress with front buttons and pockets

Vishnu proudly is the sartorial gatekeeper of indigenous prints and our rich Indian culture, channelizing our vision one outfit at a time! Look at this front buttoned dress for instance. From a distance, it might look like an ordinary printed ethnic dress. In reality, it is a turquoise showcase of one of the oldest printing techniques – hand block! Wherein each motif on the dress is hand pressed using Sheesham block – these too hand carved! 

Let’s embrace the grandeur of Indian textiles and prints together!