The Journey of A Creation

~ Just like the river towards the sea,
Every apparel too has a journey...~

Vishnu is the cultural home of ultimate sartorial comfort with grace and modernity sprinkled like confetti! The hallmark of Vishnu is exclusive creations with fits seamless enough to make it a rare find. Our creative patterns and stunning collections have smitten women across generations, time and again.

Vishnu’s apparel assortment is a reminiscence of India’s heritage; intricately imprinted and preserved in fabric. We are all about the ‘Sangam’ of ancient weaves with contemporary trends to produce awe-inspiring designs. To realize this vision of curating unique styles while being true to our traditional art, we ensure to be a part of our apparel’s entire life journey.

And the journey of concocting a masterpiece commences with sourcing textiles. We lay immense emphasis on the origin and feel of the fabric. Our cottons are soft, the silks lustrous, the chiffons smooth, and linens lush! And why wouldn’t they be when they are procured directly from their place of origin. Our extensive textile network spreads from Rajasthan to Andhra and Gujarat to West Bengal, thus assuring that only the most premium cloth touches your skin.

The plain fabric then transits to being bedecked with special prints and motifs. In order to nurture ancient artistry, we collaborate with skilled local ‘karigars’ who have genetically inherited their flair of craftmanship. To handmake a piece of exquisite beauty, these Karigars engrave their magic on the cloth with prints like Bagru, Kalamkari, Indigo, Ajrakh, Sanganeri, and countless other indigenous patterns. Our synergy with these talented artists, not only helps to keep our Indian ethos alive but also doubles as their means of monetary support.

This fable of fabric concludes in our production house in Okhla, Delhi. Here, a unit of designers and ‘masterjis’ work tirelessly to materialize our goal of blending ethnic and modern. This team has been an invaluable part of our endeavor for years. Our garment’s superior styling, consistency in comfort, and flawless fitting is a testimony of their experience and knowledge of the feminine form.

Our in-house men and machines function in poetic rhythm to curate an evergreen apparel that is AS DISTINCT AS IT IS LUXURIOUS. And finally, each piece is thoroughly inspected to match the loftiest standards of quality before it leaves Vishnu’s floor and embarks on the journey to becoming Fashionably Yours.