Story of Vishnu

The narrative of the Vishnu from inception to the present is marked by exemplary milestones, each contributing to its flawless fruition - from a fancy fabric store to the renowned and trusted label that it is today!

Late Shri Buddha Lal’s Gupta


The Dawning Era

Just like our fabrics, the story of Vishnu too goes back in time. Vishnu was initiated as a fabric store back in 1952 by Shri Buddha lal Gupta, who had arrived in Delhi from Rajasthan- the land of colors and culture. He brought with him an innate inclination towards arts & craft which found expression in the Vishnu Cloth Store. Courtesy of the traditional Indian prints and ethnic fabrics sold here, Vishnu was hailed as the most flamboyant and eccentric store of its times in and around Khan Market.

Om Prakash Gupta.


Rise of the Fashion Realm

Shri Buddha Lal’s keen eye for fashion and ability to set trends rather than follow them was inherited by his son Shri Om Prakash Gupta. He used his in-grained expertise to catapult the store to greater heights by transforming it – from a lush fabric store to a classy boutique. With its in-vogue designs and tailored fitting, this boutique was highly patronized for meeting the ethnic penchant of women. Soon, the signature suits and customized Indian wear offered by Vishnu began to create waves and established an eminent reputation in the country. This is when, Kapil Khandelwal, thought that the time was ripe to flourish further under the aegis of his father Shri Om Prakash.

Kapil Khandelwal


The Ethnic

While Kapil was proud of Vishnu’s accomplishments, he desired to push boundaries for creating a wider and deeper reverence for Indian handlooms in the fashion market His wish was granted on a visit to a tiny market in Sanganer in Rajasthan where he re-discovered the ethereal and magnetic appeal of the Indian fabric and weaves. This encounter paved the way for Vishnu to expand their clothing line-up. While the ideology of preserving and propagating handlooms stayed, the focus shifted to crafting readymade ethnic garments that preserved the consistent fits of Vishnu and fused it with contemporary styles.

With time, Vishnu has eloquently evolved, and for three generations, proudly stands as the flag bearer of comfort in fashion. The seeds of our brand ideology were sown right at the time of inception by my grandfather – to always give wings to the roots of our artistic heritage. Taking Vishnu online after almost 70 years of offline presence is a milestone, the one that will be etched and cherished forever! With this step, we endeavor to bring the beauty of India’s artforms to every woman’s closet - in a sartorial version that is authentic, raw, and real!