Some effective tips to preserve your favorite clothes

Both men and women confront a rather imbecile trouble when it comes to managing their wardrobe. If you’re also dealing with a similar issue and find it really hard to manage your wardrobe as your shopping spree is not stopping then you might reached a good place to get some tips! The art of preservation of the ethnic co ord sets or your silk kurta in closet organizers is an incredible way to enhance their longevity besides your other favorite clothes.

Here a few useful tips to maintain your favorite clothes and to enhance the longevity of the fabric and the design are mentioned—

Wardrobe Storing Mantra

When you are storing your garments in the wardrobe make sure that you are hanging those on quality hangers which one is convenient and maintain a two-inch gap in between each dress so that the fabrics cannot get suffocated inside the closed doors. To preserve the longevity of your ethnic jumpsuit or kurtis in expensive fabrics whether the finest cotton, silk, organdie, or chiffon- you have to be particular about storing them up. 

Get some air and light to the unused clothes

Like many of us, you may also have a few shirts, trousers, scarves, kurta women, or dresses for women, that you wear one or two times a year. In such cases place them properly on the hangers and once in a while keep the closet door open so that your garments can get in contact with air and light that help in the preservation of the fabrics. 

Mend the dresses

There is no need to have seamless skills to mend the old but important wardrobes of your life. You can easily maintain the sweater snags with nail polish. You can stitch a button on the shirt or even fix the zipping issue with the jeans, trousers, and even the shorts. If you have a handy sewing machine that will be a plus factor. You can patch up the torn pockets or the holes formed in the jeans pockets. There is no need to visit a tailor to mend the clothes if you know a little bit about sewing. 

Take care of the silk

If you are a proud possessor of a china silk dress, silk dupatta for women, shirts, or shirt; be extra careful to preserve the fabric carrying the legacy of a glorious past. Once in a while take out the silk and keep it in contact with the air. Check whether it needs any repairing or not.  

Instead of junking your single wardrobe, you can buy organizing boxes from ecommerce stores where storing the ironed shirts, kurtis, tops, and dupattas is easily possible. Getting additional space for storing your bottoms is possible by following this method.

You should also keep the formal wear and party wear separately in different shelves. It saves your time and energy when you’re in a hurry to pick something for a party, client meeting, or office.

This is how you can preserve your favorite clothes for years and make it a time-saving endeavor.