5 reasons why every fashionista must try hand block prints

hand block prints

Machines have replaced almost everything in today’s world. Except for hand block printing. As the name says, it is a printing technique that is performed by talented artisans who have been practicing this art for centuries. This unique printing process has been Vishnu’s signature sartorial and embodies the cultural essence of India. If you are someone who loves all things fashion, this print if just for you! Why? Read to find out!

  • Every hand block print kurta tells a story

Hand block print is of diverse shapes & forms depending on the region it is made in. It is not your run of the mill and mass-produced floral print. It is usually indigenous motifs and imprints that depict the history, culture, or something iconic from that particular region. Look at this hand printed kalamkari dress for instance. Would you believe that it took months & 23 intricate steps for an artisan in Nellore to create this hand printed kalamkari dress?!

  • Truly one of its kind

Hand block printing is where Sheesham wood blocks are dipped in natural colors, carefully pressed in a rhythmic sequence on the cloth to manifest stunning motifs on it. As this art form is totally manual, it is natural for the end result to have slight imperfections. Rather, that is the beauty of an authentic hand block print kurta or dress or any apparel – it’s truly one of its kind! And chances are that nobody will have another piece like yours! 

  • A sustainable choice

There are countless labels that offer block print dresses online. But the difference between them & Vishnu is of quality & sustainability. Every piece at Vishnu is thoughtfully designed to pass the tests of time & fashion. This means lesser purchases to please both. Moreover, the dyes used in the fabrication of our hand block print kurta & dresses are derived from all natural colors like turmeric, beetroot, indigo plant, etc. Who said making sustainable yet fashionable choices is difficult? 

  • Effortless & versatile styling

When you look at this hand block print kurta, as a fashionista, aren’t you thinking of thousand ways to style it? Whether you sport it for a casual outing or formal meeting, with matching ethnic trousers or contrast palazzo or even a pair of denim, we know this hand block print kurta is adaptable enough to look good on anything and everything! Try any hand block print beauty today and we promise it will not disappoint you!

  • Something for everyone

Whether you like hand block print kurtas, dresses, Anarkalis, palazzos, pants, or even dupattas, Vishnu is your oyster! In the local markets or even by some brands in India, on aggressive searching, you might even find hand block print bedsheets, shoes, diaries, and numerous more accessories. What we mean to say is – hand block print is so beautiful; everyone just cannot get enough of it! And we agree! Have you tried hand block print yet? If not, cart now from https://thevishnu.in/search?q=hand%20block