Solid Cotton Fabrics

Solids have long ruled the fashion roost as the eternal and elegant style that will always be in trend. Whether mixed and matched with prints or worn on their own, solids have a natural sophistication that is hard to mimic.

Solid clothes have acquired perennial presence on the shelves of Vishnu. Mul & Slub Cotton, Linen, and Khadi are few of our fabrics that go into the making of solids that we are popular for. For extra comfort and suppleness, we have engineered a Vishnu-Exclusive solid wear line-up of Cotton + Lycra that promises to flow with you, for you. To enhance the glam quotient of this conventionally plain style, we have also designed a unique medley of the aesthetic Ikat and go-to solids that are bound to rule every woman’s closet.

Vishnu continues to explore the endless possibilities that the timeless solids have to offer, so that, you find something distinct each time you shop with us!

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