Hand Block Printed Fabric Dresses

Originating from the cultural oasis of Rajasthanare the delightful block prints.

These endearing and deceptively simple motifs are the result of elaborate steps performed with love and care by our artists, using wooden pattern blocks.

At Vishnu, we only use hand-carved teakwood blocks soaked in oil to give you a multitude of designs in fascinating colors. Once the blocks are ready, they are dipped in special dyes and firmly impressed on the fabric in an almost poetic sequence. It is a treat to watch the craftsman bond with the fabric as he gradually places down one block after the other! Once the printing is complete, these cloths are hung to dry in the blazing Rajasthan sun till they become one with the imprints. The luxuriant dyes we use in our block print garments retain their luster even after multiple washes and continue to be a source of beauty.

Come, wrap yourself in our assortment of hand block printed apparel, and experience ethnicity in its purest state.

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