Hand Printed Kalamkari Kurtas And Dresses: A Timeless Fashion Fusion

India is known for its myriad hand block and dyeing techniques that have been practised in the country since times immemorial. One such eternal art is that of kalamkari. Drawing from the words ‘kalam’ which means pen and ‘kari’ which translates to art, kalamkari is a type of hand-painting done with a tamarind pen using natural dyes. From preparing the cloth to revealing the ultimate beautiful design of the art, it involves 23 persevering steps. Initially, kalamkari was practised as a form of painting on canvas and was later incorporated into garments like sarees and hand printed kalamkari dress.

The New Trend in Prints

Prints are always in fashion and the stunning kalamkari print is no exception! Whether it is a hand printed kalamkari kurta or hand printed kalamkari dress, it is always special to be seen in a vintage print. When you buy kalamkari kurta online, you will find two distinct styles of print- the Srikalahasti style and the Machilipatnam style. The former is done with handmade blocks and printing on cloth, while the latter involves a free-hand drawing. Flowers, mythological characters, animal motifs, forts, and palaces are some of the recurrent prints that can be found on a signature hand printed kalamkari dress and kurta.

Cotton and Silk Kalamkari

Common fabrics used in the kalamkari art are cotton or silk. But when you choose to buy kalamkari dress online on Vishnu you will find a broader fabric variety. Our range of mul & cotton hand block printed kalamkari kurta and dress look tasteful and elegant. It is the perfect antidote for the hot and sultry tropical weather and keeps you cool as well as chic. Many fashion bloggers too are seen sporting the exquisite kalamkari print. Besides, the dyes used in kalamkari are natural and thus safe for your skin!
Winter is a time to exhibit luscious silk. A hand printed kalamkari kurta can instantly lend you a sophisticated and graceful appearance. It appeals to the senses and is comfortable even if worn for a long period of time
Third and a proprietary Vishnu curation of hand block printed kalamkari dress and kurta is designed in a unique combination of muslin viscose. Blending the comfort of cotton and opulence of silk, these ensembles are an ethnic dream come true. Easy to sport all year round! Not forgetting we also offer a varied fabric platter for kalamkari palazzos.

Hand Printed Kalamkari Kurta

One cannot deny the absolutely mesmerizing impact of a traditional attire. A hand printed kalamkari kurta offers you myriad choices and options. It is the quintessential ethnic outfit that will be your partner on festive and special occasions. You will find that it bestows immense grace and beauty on the wearer. Besides beauty, the comfort and ease of movement it offers, makes it the ideal outfit for a day at work. It gives you a stylish appearance and keeps you relaxed throughout the day! You can style a handblock printed kalamkari kurta in any manner you want based on the occasion you are dressing up. That is the beauty of the elegant kalamkari.
Hand Block Printed Kalamkari Dress

Hand printed kalamkari dresses are a unique fusion of the ancient and the contemporary. The kalamkari print lends a unique charm to dresses that elevate their fashion quotient. Dresses can have varied styles, like casual, partywear, and formal. With the versatile kalamkari print, there are no boundaries. You can wear kalamkari dresses to any event with the right accessories. Whether it is brunch with friends or a formal board meeting, the handblock printed kalamkari dress is made to adapt to the occasion and the mood. Do check out our Asita collection showcasing authentic and original kalamkari designs and featuring striking signature hand printed kalamkari dress which is a conversation starter!

The Kalamkari Colour Play

The kalamkari print offers a melange of earthy colours that will appeal to everyone. Tones of red, blue, green, brown, and yellow form the kalamkari colour wheel. The tasteful mixture of these colours in a hand block printed kalamkari kurta will set you apart from the crowd. Furthermore, the colour tones of kalamkari add to the versatility of the kalamkari garment. When you buy a kalamkari kurta online you need not worry about pairing it as the subtle colours will work well with any existing dupatta and bottoms in your wardrobe. Adorn a kalamkari handblock printed kurta or dress today and feel the magic of the print!

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