Bagru Print Cotton & Silk Fabrics

From the tiny hamlet of Bagru near Jaipur, lighting the lamp of tradition for years are the Bagru Prints! The scarcity of water but the desire to don delightful prints gave rise to this art. Bagru is a special style of resist dyeing that uses less water and primarily relies on mud to produce whimsical designs.

In the Bagru printing process, preparing the cloth is a crucial step. Harda or a thick yellow paste made from natural ingredients is first applied to the cloth to ensure better permeation of the dyes. Once dried, the 'kaarigars' artfully press wooden blocks in myriad shapes and patterns onto our fabric to give birth to a visual masterpiece. Post endless rounds of dyeing and drying, the Bagru print emerges in its full glory! At Vishnu, we use a secret harda mix to offer a consistent print and quality always. To step out with panache, up your ethnic styling game with eye-catching ensembles from our Bagru Collection.

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