All about Bagru Print & Its Significance In Indian Culture

Bagru Print & Its Significance In Indian Culture

Every woman takes pride in flaunting an authentic bagru print kurta. But have you ever wondered what and how long it takes to create a unique masterpiece? It takes skilled generational artisans form the chipa community in Bagru and their relentless passion to add to India’s sartorial culture. Let’s dive in to learn about this Rajasthani heirloom printing technique.

What is Bagru Print?

Bagru printing is a type of hand block printing. One of the oldest printing techniques, it originated from the tiny hamlet of Bagru near Jaipur. Unlike regular hand blocks, Bagru is a special style of resist dyeing that uses less water and primarily relies on mud to produce whimsical designs.

How is Bagru Printing Done?

Bagru print is a hallmark of the Chippa community. It is done by using uniquely carved wooden blocks with natural dyes and colors.

  • In the Bagru printing process, preparing the cloth is a crucial step. The to-be-printed fabric is first thoroughly washed and dried in sunlight.
  • Harda or a thick yellow paste made from natural ingredients is then applied to the cloth to ensure better permeation of the dyes. Depending on the desired color, the fabric is also soaked in this mix for up to 48 hours and then sun-dried.
  • Once dried, the chippa kaarigar artfully press wooden blocks in myriad shapes and patterns onto our fabric to give birth to a visual masterpiece. A similar process is followed in creating hand block printed kurta.However, for bagru print apparels, dyeing-washing-drying is on loop.
  • Post endless rounds of dyeing and drying, the Bagru print emerges in its full glory! At Vishnu, we use a secret harda mix to offer consistent print and quality always. 

5 Must-Have Bagru Print Kurta By Vishnu

  • Ajrakh & Bagru Print Long Straight Kurta

A trendy twist on the conventional traditional Bagru print is this eye-catching kurta. Perfectly balanced with an extraordinary print, gota patti detailing, lace bidding and scalloped ghera + sleeve edges, this kurta is too good to miss out on!

  • V-Neck Bagru & Ajrakh Dual-Print Kurta

Be known as the one with the best ethnic wear collection when you add this beauty to your wardrobe. A classic V-neck kurta featuring two iconic prints – Ajrakh and Bagru, this is a gift from Rajasthan for you!

  • Bagru Print A-Line Dress

A bagru print kurta that doubles as a dress? Yes, please! Meet this gorgeous masterpiece designed in an earthy brown shade. As it comes with two front pockets, it certainly qualifies to be one of the best ethnic kurtas for ladies!

  • Hand Block Print A-Line Dress

Re-define your summer styling game with this gorgeous bagru print kurta! Crafted from the softest cotton in Vishnu’s signature cut, it will keep you looking and feeling cool all day long!

  • Indigo - Bagru Print Umbrella Kurta

If you are someone who loves to go overboard with prints, this indigo bagru print kurta is perfect for you! Unique umbrella cut, half and half pattern and a dramatic print, a kurta of every woman’s dreams!

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