Chic ethnic tops to contemporize your ethnic skirt

ethnic skirt

Since the invention of ethnic skirts for women, they have been a game-changer. Not only these are a treat to the eye, but they are also equally comforting to sport. Now here is the thing with ethnic skirts, women style it in a way that ethnic tops for skirts steal the show. If you feel that your tops either overpower, don’t do justice to the charm of the skirt, or simply make it look ordinary, read on. These ethnic tops for skirts by Vishnu have stood the tests of time & fashion and are waiting to find their place in your wardrobe!

  • Solid Kurti


Have you ever bought a designer lehenga? If you have you will know that the biggest problem with it is that the kurti that comes with it is anything but versatile. Pretty, sure. But pairing it with anything else is nothing short of a heart and pocket ache. This is the kind of style woe you will never have to face with this solid azure kurti. Lightweight and soft, it pairs beautifully with denim, ethnic skirts, and even ethnic pants!

  • Solid Kurti


If you believe that ethnic tops for skirts are expensive, you haven’t checked out our solid slub cotton kurti in red. Designed with the deepest hue, it can make any mellow colored skirt or pant pop out. Depending on the look you want to curate for the day or night, style it with accessories or wear it just as it is. Regardless, this kurti will ensure that you look like a million dollars!

  • Leheriya Collared Stripes Kurti

An umbrella kurta is a revered sartorial in the ethnic world. But not so much of a
preference as a top for ethnic skirts. If you are someone who doesn’t like sticking to basics even with their kurtis, this leheriya collared kurti is a great option for skirt. Imagine as you read – think a plain white skirt, with this flamboyant lehriya kurti tucked in, a load of hand accessories, dangler earrings, and a gorgeous you! This is not a picture we painted, this is a simple look that can nail in a blink!

  • Vertical Stripes Printed Kurti

On a day you are feeling a little perky, solid on solid is a combination that you will dismiss. On such junctures, resort to something like our vertical striped Sanganeri print kurti. Indigo skirt? Too usual to sport an indigo kurti? Go striped, go green! Golden solid skirt and have an engagement to attend? Again, go striped, go green! No matter what the occasion calls for, this kurti will have your back. Thanks to the countless ways it can be styled, this kurti qualifies to be one of those rare ethnic pieces of clothing that is worth every penny spent.

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