Did you know about these Fabulous Five of Rajasthani Printing Techniques?

Did you know about these Fabulous Five of Rajasthani Printing Techniques?

Rajasthan ~ the mention of the city instantly evokes mesmerizing images of an opulent era, royalty, Rajasthani handicraft designs, and of course the vibrant Rajasthani block print dresses! The beautiful Rajasthani block prints enjoy nation-wide fame and popularity. Not many know that Rajasthan is home to countless other printing techniques and thus truly justifies its title of being the ultimate art hub!

While most people club all the prints born in this colorful land as block prints, what they are unfamiliar with is the fact that there are vivid distinctions in their appearance as well as the manner of creation. Dig in to know more about the Fabulous Five of Rajasthani block print fabric:

1. Bagru: 


Originating from the small town of Bagru, from where the print gets its name, bagru printing has been traditionally practiced by the Chippa community that resides here. The Bagru block printing is usually done on a blue/indigo background and looks nothing less than a million-dollar dream! Another variant of the Bagru is the Seyali Bagru. This alluring block print uses colors like yellow, ochre, black, or cream as the base, that makes the motifs pop out attractively. While geometrical patterns are a hallmark of Bagru print, at Vishnu you will also find a beautiful mélange of floral and animal motifs in them. 

Style tip: When wearing a Bagru print kurta, opt for cream/white bottoms to bring out the earthy colors of the dainty print.

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2. Sanganeri: 


The Sanganeri print hails from a place called Sanganer near Jaipur. Having enjoyed majestic patronage, this print has gained heaps of adoration both locally, and around the globe. A white/cream colored base topped with intricate motifs is what we call a signature Sanganeri! The real reason why Sanganeri apparels rule every wearer's heart is because of its unique print detailing done with either wooden blocks or screen printers. The prevalence of floral prints using delicate motifs like marigolds, roses, lotus, sunflowers, water lilies, poppy flowers, etc. makes the print a stunner for every juncture! 

Style Tip: Chunky silver jewelry pieces goes perfectly with the intricate Sanganeri print.

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3. Dabu: 


The Dabu printing technique uses elements of nature to achieve its distinctive pattern. A paste of mud, clay, sawdust, etc. combined with naturally obtained dyes is blended in a process called resist dyeing to create the lovely Dabu print. You can identify this print with the presence of fine lines around the nature-inspired motifs. These lines are a result of the cracking of the mud paste. Dominated by floral prints that strike a chord with every woman, the Dabu print is a true personification of the feminine.

Style Tip: Add shades of red to your outfit when wearing a Dabu print dress or kurta. Use a red bag/heels/neckpiece to contrast the lovely Dabu blue.

4. Ajrakh: 


Although traditionally practiced in the Kutch region in Gujarat, there is a thriving community of Ajrakh printers in the Rajasthani town of Barmer. Originating from the Persian word for blue, Ajrakh is thus named because of the prevalent use of the color. Besides the glorious blue, you will also find this print in mesmerizing shades of red. Ajrakh uses a fusion of complex geometric as well as floral patterns to fabricate a riot of design and hues on the cloth. No wonder this alluring art is commanding the fashion roost worldwide!

Style Tip: Since Ajrakh is a busy print, keep your accessories simple for a refined and tasteful look.

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5. Shibori: 


The artful Shibori print is said to have originated in Japan. It is a tie-and-dye technique that found its way into India, especially Rajasthan due to its similarity with Bandhani. You will notice that white and blue are the most widespread hues used in Shibori. Although it is not uncommon to find innovative color palettes as it gains more fashion fame. This nuanced print is the embodiment of delicate grace and bestows a sophisticated appearance to the wearer.

Style Tip: Go rad or Boho because when you sport a Shibori-printed anything, you can effortlessly pull off any look!

For almost 70 years, Vishnu has strived to upkeep and bring justice to the aura of every print. You can shop all these prints with us in our exclusive ethnic clothing range honoring Rajasthani prints in dresses, scarves, and kurtas.