Everything you need to know about getting Mulmul dresses online

Everything you need to know about getting Mulmul dresses online

Just the mention of the word Mulmul evokes a feeling of tender touch and mushiness. Having royal beginnings, Mulmul was once reserved only for a select category of elites in the princely states. Popular by the name Muslin in Europe for centuries, Mulmul originated in Dhaka in Bangladesh and was crafted by weavers in Bengal a few centuries ago. The finest quality Mulmul was so soft it became a synonym for gossamer. Thanks to the passage of time, Mulmul today is much more accessible.  Let us dive into the key aspects to consider when shopping for Mulmul dresses online


  1. Go with ‘Mulmul’ White: Mulmul and white seem to be as inseparable as blue color is from the sky. From time immemorial to now, the moment anyone says Mulmul, a feathery white dress billowing in the wind comes to mind. Mulmul cotton dresses inherently have come to mean pristine white dresses. There’s not much to experiment with here but you can certainly choose different shades of white to give your Mulmul dress a slightly novel look.


  1. If not white then go Light: Now that we’ve already talked about white’s predominance when it comes to Mulmul, the next best colors to go with are the lighter shades. You can select from many hues of blue, pink, magenta, Firozi, beige, lavender, light gray, and so on. The important point to keep in mind is to let the softness of Mulmul come into the fore and that happens best with lighter hues. Experimentally you can go with bold colors to create a contrasting look but go with lighter colors with your Mulmul for the most part.


  1. Explore different dress styles: Thanks to continuous experiments in the weaving industry, we now have the most widespread styles and designs in Mulmul dresses available in the history of Mulmul. From Kurtis to sarees, to tops, gowns, and Lehengas, there are a plethora of styles to go with depending on the occasion or for everyday wear as well. In Kurtis, you can have knee-length Kurtis to short ones with stylized cuts, neck designs, and borders. You can also have an alluring Salwar-Kameez in Mulmul to add to your wardrobe. You also can’t miss the Cape-shaped Mulmul dress that is very “in” right now. There are many honorable mentions like Mughal block printed Mulmuls, Mulmul cotton maxis, Mulmul shirt dresses, and much more if you’re willing to browse a little more.


  1. The right Dupatta/Stole for your Mulmul dress: It’s often said that more than the dress itself, what makes a woman stand out is how she makes that dress into her own. Choosing a Dupatta or stole that goes well not just with your Mulmul dress but that accentuates your features is a must. In most situations, you would want to go with a Mulmul Dupatta but you can be slightly rebellious and go with a chiffon, net, georgette and even Tussar silk or Chanderi Dupatta. You can contrast your white or light Mulmul dress with a bold color Dupatta to give it a really interesting twist. Choosing your Dupatta length will vary as per the overall look you’re eyeing so keep that in mind as well.


  1. Choosing the right accessories: Needless to say but maybe not so much considering how oft-missed this aspect of styling is. Let us say it loud and clear – your look is incomplete without the most fitting accessories. For your Mulmul dresses, you want to keep the accessories slightly upbeat, showy and aggressive to complement the simple charm of the dress. Go with chandelier earrings and embellished bangles. Go with fancy necklaces and invest enough in the right shoes and footwear to match your Mulmul.


We hope the above bits of advice will make your job a lot easy in trying to get the best Mulmul dresses online, happy shopping!