Five classy ways to style an Ethnic Scarf

Five classy ways to style an Ethnic Scarf

Ethnic scarves are definitely the coolest fashion accessory to have in your wardrobe. They are multifunctional, versatile, and oh-so-easy to carry! Not to mention oodles of instant style fix they bring to your average ethnic clothing and contemporary wear.

With our range of printed chiffon and silk scarves, you can unlock endless possibilities and create super suave statements. Read on to discover how you can up your dressing game and extract cost-effectiveness from a simple ethnic scarf!

1. As a Headband

Do you dig retro looks? A crinkled chiffon scarf is a perfect way to achieve that classic charm. Not only does a scarf styled as a headband reflect your tasteful sense of fashion but comes with an added advantage of keeping your hair prim and proper!

2. As a Belt

Why spoil the aesthetics of a delicate Rajasthani print dress by pairing it with your usual belts? Ditch the conventional floral print dupatta and step in our graceful scarves! Just tie one around the waist and voila, you have a chic and one of its kind belt! We say, why stop at ethnic dresses? A floral element on your casual jeans and trousers would be perfectly modish too!

3. As a Neck Piece

Does your solid top look too meh for the occasion? Breathe a new wave of life into it by teaming it up with a scarf knotted in a necklace style. Scarves as  neckpiece are perfect for summertime outings because of the complimentary sun protection it offers!

4. As a Bag Accessory

Personalizing your expensive bags is the new thing in! Scarves are a sophisticated way to highlight the tones of your bag and make it rarer than it is. Additionally, a humble Rajasthani block print or Shibori scarf holds the potential to make an ordinary handbag look extraordinary!

5. As a shoulder drape

All the women out there would agree that there are some days when you just don’t feel confident enough to sport a peppy dress. Why let your temporary insecurities stop you from rocking beautiful attires? Just pick a sleeveless dress, wrap a scarf on one shoulder, bring it all together with an oversized belt and look effortlessly enthralling!

As flexible scarf styling is, it can go wrong in multiple ways. So, when selecting a scarf be mindful of the following factors:

  1. Material: Chiffon, silk, and cotton all have a different texture and appearance. So, before you buy an ethnic scarf online, think of the end usage and the weather you intend to wear one in.
  2. Print: If you intend to wrap your scarf in myriad ways, then ensure that you have a mixed bag of big motifs, small hand block prints as well as solids. It wouldn’t hurt to grab a couple of printed dupattas too for off-beat experimenting. 

Loved the tips? Shop for ethnic print scarves and create your own new looks each day!