Five practical tips for creating rocking looks at work

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Ask a woman what the hardest task in the world is and we are sure she would say it is deciding outfit for work. Understandably, picking workwear is a minefield wherein it's incredibly difficult to define what qualifies as formals or even worse a perfect 9-to-9. To add to the agony, there comes the challenge to bring the look together with the right footwear, bag and jewellery. It is almost like the work pressure wasn’t enough! Well, now that you are here, believe us when we say your life is about to get easy.

Here are some tried, tested and loved tips for creating a statement with your workwear looks:

  • Don’t shy away from Indian wear:

One of the biggest reasons selecting workwear feels like a nightmare is because women believe there are very limited options. In reality, the world is your oyster. Provided, you look at the ethnic side! Indian wear does qualify as ethnic wear.

Leave the monochrome formal world behind and explore bagru hand block print suits to indigo kurtas! If your workplace is where Indian outfits might feel a tad too much, don’t worry. Just like everything else, take one baby step at a time. For instance, instead of your conventional satin scarf, drape an indigo dupatta or stole and floor everyone in the office! This time, with your dressing sense! 

  • Experiment, experiment, experiment:

For the longest time, you must have worn those polyester dresses to work. Not saying they are bad, just saying swap it for a different look! Think super breathable mulmul dresses! Perfect fabric for summer and humid conditions, the best part about mulmul dresses is that they are easy to layer up. Versatile & weightless enough, do we need more reasons to try mulmul dresses? We guess not!

  • Pitch a casual Friday at work:

Let’s say for the longest time you have been eyeing a long kurta online. Considering you spend most of your time in the office, you know you don’t have the time or occasion to wear it. A practical solution here would be, to close the tab of the long kurta online. And a reasonable solution that will appeal to your heart is – have a word with HR or maybe may be ask your work buddies to have an ethnic/casual Friday! 

  • Start a trend:

Norms are good. But change is better. Sure, there is a certain way of dressing up for board meetings and presentations. But for other days, it doesn’t hurt to take a more traditional yet formal approach. Don’t let stereotypes set you back, you be the trendsetter! Bonus tip - Apparels from Vishnu can help you make this switch easy & stylish!

  • Take a chill pill!

A lot of times, irrespective of the tips and tricks on your hand, determining work wear still feels cumbersome. In times like these, remember not everything is dependent on the way you dress. Your ensemble is just an extension of your personality. The real confidence lies in you!