How to look Slim in Anarkali Dress

Anarkali Dress

Looking charming and beautiful is every woman’s birthright and regardless of society’s notions of the “perfect” body type, every woman should be proud of her uniquely gifted body and shouldn’t shy away from flaunting it.  Here are some tips from our kitty to help you gorgeously full-figured ladies find the most well-suited Anarkali dress online


  1. Choose light materials for your Anarkali dress: - Tussar silk, chiffon, georgette, and crepe are some of the fabrics that have a natural luster and lightness to them which adapt to your body type and proportions effortlessly. Anarkali dress or even Anarkali tops made of these materials not only help you appear majestic but also makes you appear slimmer from all proportions. Fabrics that you may not want to go for are net, taffeta, raw silk, etc. because they tend to exaggerate specific body parts.


  1. Go for darker shades: - It’s a well-established fact and not just an aesthetic convenience that darker colors don’t reflect back light and hence subdue accentuated parts of the body which makes one looker slimmer compared to if you go for the usual bright colors. It doesn’t have to be a simple one shade you can always mix and match across darker shades to land on the best color combo for your body type. The plus point here is that the true essence of an Anarkali dress comes out best with darker colors so it’s a win-win situation.


  1. Be Mindful of the shape and design of the costume: - V-necks, high necks, longer sleeves, and simpler, unembroidered hem are some of the factors you must consider if you want to create a slimmer body persona in an Anarkali dress. Simpler motifs or smaller prints are a great choice when you have a fuller body. You may want to avoid deep necks, boat necks, and backless dresses because they make the proportions appear bigger. Too fancy, short-length, eccentric designs and cuts should also be avoided as they put unnecessary emphasis on accentuated parts of the body. Kalamkari Anarkali dresses go really well with a curvaceous body.


  1. A pair of comfortable Heels: - A good pair of thin heels (stilettos, slingback) is all that you need to complete your Anarkali dress look. Heels have a way of making you appear lighter, taller, and just chicer in general. Donning a pair of heels that go well with your attire and feet will drastically alter the way you come across. The combination of a nice pair of heels with a rightly chosen Anarkali will bring out the inner diva to the fore and will not only make you appear exquisite but would also improve your image in your mind.


Ultimately it all boils down to how a certain piece of costume makes you feel. You can put as much science as you can in your quest to find the most perfect Anarkali dress online but there’s no better guide than your gut. Dresses that make you come alive even when sometimes they might not be the “one” for you should be blindly chosen because nothing can outshine the inner glow you feel when wearing what you love most.