How to look stylish in Anarkali Tops

Anarkali Tops

Although being a woman inherently involves dealing with difficult choices all the time but this rings all the truer when it comes to picking the right clothes the moment you need to step out of the home. From work meetings to casual get-togethers or fully loaded, important functions, for us women, the choice to pick the best thing to wear seems like a forever-elusive situation. So let’s make this easier and talk about traditional wear that can be your go-to solution for almost all occasions.


Originally gaining prominence during the Mughal era, the Anarkali design hasn’t remained limited to dresses and Lehengas but also Anarkali tops in recent times. Anarkali top gives the best of both traditional and contemporary worlds and hence their popularity. Let us share with you some tips and tricks on how to rock the Anarkali dress tops and become the life of the occasion –


Be Choosy: Women don’t need to be told to be choosy especially when it comes to picking costumes for themselves but when looking for the right Anarkali top, it becomes even more crucial to be selective in your choice. It might take up a bit more time and online window-shopping but if you persevere you will end up with rare and unique designs that will make you stand out donning that Anarkali top. You should also be on the lookout for unpopular traditional places that specifically deal in Anarkali dresses and you will surely find enough variety to choose unique designs.


The Right Fabric:  Even though Anarkali dresses and tops now come in all fabrics, traditionally Anarkali is synonymous with silk and cotton. But don’t get carried away by tradition and choose silk or cotton if you’re on the healthier side of things instead go for lighter fabrics like crepe, georgette, chiffon, and net fabrics. Slimmer women can go with heavy-loaded brocade and silk fabrics as it gives their bodies a well-rounded shape. It becomes crucial if you’re buying Anarkali dresses online that you keep a close eye on the fabric mentioned in the description of the dress and leave no room for confusion later.


Complimentary Designs: After the fabric, the second most important aspect to take into account is the design and pattern of the Anarkali top.  From Kurti-themed long Anarkali tops to Cowl Neck Anarkali tops, floral lace patterned to Loose fit Anarkali tops, the range is as wide as your mouth can stretch in awe. Going into different cuts for designs, A-line Anarkali tops, western-themed anarkali tops, C-cut tops, empire waist tops, long-straight tops, cape style tops, the combinations and styles of Anarkali tops are almost infinite so it becomes really important you find the ones that best match your physique and personality and that enhance your grace and make you stand out amidst a crowd.


The perfect Bottom Wear for Anarkali Tops – The Anarkali top alone won’t give you the look you’re looking for, pairing it with the right trousers is key. Here are the following things you can wear your Anarkali top with to complete your look:


Culottes – These skirt-pant themed culottes were a fad in the 30s but in the past year or so they’ve come back in fashion and look uniquely chic. These culottes and Anarkali tops are a match made in heaven, try it for yourself if you don’t believe us


Straight Leg, formal Trousers – For work or even for casual outings you can sport these elegantly exquisite straight pants with your Anarkali tops and get a semiformal look that will work like a charm whether it is acing a business deal or a date.


High waist Pants from the 80’s – One of the comfiest and easy to carry pants with a tinge of unorthodox flair, these pants when paired with Anarkali tops will surely create an old school, classy look


Skinny Jeans – The go-to trousers in every situation, the skinny jeans won’t let you down when matched with an Anarkali top, in fact, they will accentuate the contrast between the two articles and will create an arty look that will turn a lot of heads.


Selecting the right Anarkali top and fitting trousers can be a challenge but we hope through this quick guide it would become easier for you to make the right choice and shine bright in those gorgeous Anarkali tops.