How to pick the exact Indian Ethnic Wear Dresses for yourself?

How to pick the exact Indian Ethnic Wear Dresses for yourself?

Though the stores whether retail or virtual are flooded with a wide array of classic Indian ethnic wear collections of various designs, patterns, and fabrics, you should pick the exact pieces to look fabulous. At present the kalamkari dresses online shopping is much in vogue among ethnic wear lovers besides the indigo and bagru printed Kurtis, pants, and dupattas.

However, considering your height, body shape, and skin tone, you should choose the best bagru print kurta followed by kalamkari, indigo, and festive wear collections to enhance your beauty.

Let’s explore some tips to pick the exact Indian ethnic wear dresses for you -

Your body shape

Any designer or fashion critic will recommend a woman to pick a dress such as a kalamkari, silk, or even an indigo print kurti considering her body shape. Though much hullabaloo is heard when we talk about body shapes these days, fashion holds on to body shape, to a certain extent- whether it’s accepted or not.

For instance, if you are considerably thin and tall, wearing an Anarkali suit will make you look stunning. If your arms are quite thin, so as your waistline, wearing a loose yet finely designed Anarkali kurti or a three-piece set will camouflage certain areas of your body to make you look better and more stylish than you usually look.  

Again for a lady with an hourglass body- choosing a straight kurta will make her look stunning. We will never recommend her an Anarkali or even an A-line kurti or dress when we know the thicker areas of her body will get an appropriate shape in a straight-cut kurta or even a dress.

Your height 

When you’re off to buy designer tunics online make sure you choose the pieces considering your height. A taller woman can pick more florals or solids instead of the verticals or checks. Again a woman with a shorter height can pick vertical stripes to enhance their height. They should try to wear longer kurtis or dresses to enhance their height, despite wearing heels.

Your skin tone

Any woman has the power to carry in any color she desires to put on. But choose the color of your dress considering day and night. If you are fair complexioned, choose dark-colored solids to enhance your gracefulness. Even women with dusky skin tones look marvelous in light pinks, peaches, and even the darker solids.

The occasion you would arrive at

Be aware of the occasion you are about to attend! Choose your attire accordingly. Consider the season and time of attending the occasion as well when you choose your ethnic Indian wear.

Wear your makeup considering the place and time you go out and don’t forget to choose the best accessories complimenting the Indian ethnic dress you choose to wear.


The brand you adore 

Finally, when it comes to shopping, you might have an intricacy towards any particular brand. Go for it as clothing demands a comfort zone.

These are a few ideas to pick the exact Indian Ethnic Wear Dresses for yourself.