How to plan & pick the best ethnic dress for a special romantic dining before wedding?

How to plan & pick the best ethnic dress for a special romantic dining before wedding

Romantic dinners are always special and surprising for couples about to get hitched. If you being a dedicated lover aspire to make your date special then what’s more special than arranging an outdoor patio dining? There are a few renowned restaurants dedicatedly arranging romantic dining for couples seeking to spend some special time together. Flaunt in a beautifully designed co ord set for women from your favorite brand and let your partner slip into his selected suit or semi-casual wear for the pre-wedding dinner date.

Let’s explore some ideas for the special romantic dining and the dresses that you can choose to wear

Book a reputed restaurant 

Pre-booking a table is a must. You should show this much smartness as most restaurants where they arrange private romantic dinners prefer pre-booking so that they can decorate and arrange everything accordingly. To beat the Indian summer, slip into a cotton ajrakh kurta if you want to be in ethnic wear. Attending outdoor events in breathable clothes is always advised by experts.

Plan a special proposal for your partner

You can even ask for a private musician group especially if any one of you has intentions for creating some special memories. As a bride-to-be, you can also propose to your partner just the way he did before you said “yes” by kneeling in your embellished silk or cotton anarkali dress to make him feel special.

Research beforehand about the best restaurants 

Nowadays the internet is flooded with ample information regarding any posh restaurant. So, you must put the specific keywords in Google and search the restaurants, capable of organizing the perfect outdoor romantic dinner for you. Starting from the food menu to wine- choose wisely before mentioning. Opt for the online pre-booking to save time, money, and energy as well.

Be choosy about the ambiance 

Despite focusing on the magnificence, many couples prefer a simple yet elegant outdoor or indoor restaurant for dining. Unless your partner or you prefer a posh restaurant- going for a thematic Indian restaurant showcasing our culture and heritage can help you bring to your roots. Wear ethnic tops for women along with denim for a carefree summer dinner with your person.

Select the restaurant serving him/her favorite food

The next most important thing is about choosing the restaurant that serves the favorite platters of your love interest and you. It can be even more wonderful if you wisely pick the favorite restaurant of your date and surprise him/her by driving in there. This will be the exact moment when the magical date begins. 

Opt for private dining 

Instead of public dining opt for private dining if budget is not a big constraint. Private dining is arranged separately apart from the other tables in a different room or a space as mentioned by the guests. If you want to enjoy the meal privately with your date in the absence of any other person in the hall then this is what you can opt for.

Bring a present 

As a token, you can bring a gift for your husband or wife-to-be. Though it’s not mandatory if you guys have that understanding receiving and giving a gift is often pleasing as well!

Therefore, this is how you can plan special dining.