Ladies Printed and Ethnic Kurta Online Guide

Ladies Printed and Ethnic Kurta Online Guide

There’s no other garment than the Kurta that has been the saviour of women for centuries. Kurta is an attire that is worn on the upper torso by women in mainland India for centuries. In it’s half a century journey the Kurta has experienced it all and has been stylised and adapted to contemporary aesthetic transformations time and again but the one thing that has remained intact is its long-lasting popularity amongst ladies of all ages. Kurtas come in many kinds and forms like digital prints, abstract prints, ethnic prints, floral prints, hand block prints, etc. Its crucial to choose the right kurta for yourself as that alone would decide how well it will look on you. But you need not worry, we’ve curated a list of guides that will help you in your kurta hunt!


  1. Check Out Varied Patterns and Styles –The most important thing to consider is that you are looking for varied styles whenever you’re searching for Ladies Kurtas online. Be it Anarkali, Sanganeri print Kurtas or A-line to embroidered Kurtas, always ensure you are diversifying your wardrobe when it comes to printed Kurtas. You can also pay attention to some specifically styled Kurtas like striped print Kurtas and high low patterns if you have a full-figured body. The key is to be creative when getting a printed kurta for yourself because life is too short to wear bland clothes and so why go for simple, plain Kurtas?


  1. The Best of Both Traditional & Contemporary – Mixing and matching different worlds to come up with an experimentally novel style has been a raging trend in recent years. Alterations and changes in traditional Kurtas to give them a modern flair have been widely coveted over by women. Harkening back to our theme of diversity and variety, the best thing for you would be to find the perfect combination of both worlds when looking for printed Kurtas online for yourself. Contemporary print styles on ethnic contours have been in vogue recently and can give you a semi-casual but sophisticated look and feel. Contrasting denims, formal trousers, Patiala and Palazzo Pants and Dhoti or harem pants can give a edgy twist to your overall kurta look.


  1. Explore the entire Colour Spectrum – Now that we’ve decided on the styles and kinds of Kurta, what we need to take into account now is colors. You should chuck the everyday, all-too-common colors and instead turn your closet into a little bit of everything. Be bold and daring with colors and either go against the trend or if you want to teeter on the border of acceptance than go for contemporary colors. Commingle and fuse contrasts, unusual shades etc. For celebrations and events, you can pick funky neons, aquamarine, amaranthine or classic rose. All you need to keep in mind when choosing colors for your kurta is to try all the colors you’ve picked on yourself and see how you like them on yourself and then only go forward with them.


  1. Pick Complimentary Accessories – We hear some of you say, why give so much preference to accessories when talking about Kurtas? Well ladies, who knows better than you the importance of minute details? If your Kurta is the main attraction the right accessories will be a crucial embellishment to that. To go about finding the right accessories we would advise you to keep them to a minimum so that they don’t overshadow your overall look. You can go with slightly ornate tops and a minimal design necklace. Further you can pick a flashy handbag to traditional jutis and vibrant chudis to a western belt. The key is to create a harmony that’s easy on the eyes when it comes to accessories.


The online world has unlimited options, varieties and designs and that’s why it becomes truly vital to conserve your time, energy and money on getting the Kurtas that will be the best for you. By being a bit choosy and paying just enough attention you can really make yourself proud of your Kurta shopping. We hope that our quick guide has helped clear all your worries and doubts about buying ladies Kurtas online.