Pro tips to style ethnic wear women

Pro tips to style ethnic wear women

Ethnic wear for women is extremely versatile. Whether you want to sport it for a wedding, a traditional function or even for your office party, one can never go wrong with ethnic wear. Have you ever wondered how is it possible? It’s all about styling! Here’s how you can nail your ethnic game for every event:

  • Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize: 

With the right accessories, you can transform the look of any outfit. Don’t believe us? Wear any of your ethnic tops with a minimalist choker on one day and with a statement boho necklace on another day. And you would notice that the same ethnic top looks so different. In fact, the whole look would be so dissimilar that nobody would even notice you have repeated the outfit! Long story short – the more you play with accessories the more unique and eye-catching your outfit can get. 

  • Mix and match:

Let’s say you purchased one of the prettiest ethnic kurtas online. When you decide to wear it for the event, you realize that you don’t have the right bottoms with it. So, what do you do? We say you wear it and wear it like a boss! That’s the beauty of ethnic outfits. There is no right or wrong in this arena. So, next time you are in a pickle wondering if you should or shouldn’t sport ethnic maxi dresses with palazzo pants, you have the answer!

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment:

Getting out of your comfort zone might feel extremely intimidating. But believe us when we say, once you are out of it, it would feel equally liberating too. So, if you have stuck to wearing salwar suits all your life, the next time you go shopping look for ethnic tunics online!

  • Material matters:

More often than not, women neglect the material of their ethnic wear apparel. But little do they know that how an outfit looks depends a lot on what it is made from. For instance, if you are looking for ethnic maxi dresses that fall like a dream opt for the ones made from muslin viscose or crepe. Likewise, when shopping for ethnic kurtas online for summer, choose lightweight fabrics like mulmul, slub cotton, chiffon, and pure cotton over polyester. 

  • Play with prints:

We say that most women that inclined to get solid ethnic tunics online. Why would you stick to basic solids when the world can be your oyster? Choose prints! At Vishnu, we have a plethora of prints to suit the penchant of every woman. Whether you like light colors or dark, petite or statement motifs, indigo or kalamkari, hand block or sanganeri, we have countless options in every size for you! Proud to be size inclusive!

That said, never forget to add a personal touch to your ethnic wear styling. This is because, at the end of the day, if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, no matter how gorgeous it is, it won’t look good.