Things to consider before choosing to buy ethnic wear online

Things to consider before choosing to buy ethnic wear online

Every person’s guilty pleasure today is online shopping. Hours of scrolling and filling our carts with things we would like to buy is a feeling that cannot be described. One of the biggest boons of online shopping is that one can shop from the convenience of their homes from brands that are miles away. But more often than not, these little sweet online shopping experiences turn bitter. Either the purchased apparel doesn’t fit right or the store policies are too strict or the brand turned out to be inauthentic, anything can make you feel sour towards online shopping. 

To let this experience be an enjoyable one, here are a few tips or tricks to remember when shopping for women’s ethnic wear: 

  • Read about the brand

One of the most foolproof ways to avoid online fraud is to read more about the brand. Check their about us section, take some time to understand their history, and look for contact info – could be whatsapp, email and store address. For instance, if you want to buy block print dresses online, would you be convinced to try a new one by reading something like or where there is no trace about the brand or apparel?! Furthermore, do not forget to give a thorough read to the return, exchange and refund policy alongside payment terms for a secure and serene shopping experience. 

  • Check size guide

Every apparel, even from the same brand has a different size chart as per the silhouette. For instance, if you want to buy ethnic skirts onlinethe size chart of an elasticated and tie-up skirt will be different even in the same brand. 

  • Understand labels and prints

When buying ethnic wear online, one of the most imperative things is to have a sound understanding of prints. For instance, when buying hand block print dresses online, you must read if the print and actually hand blocked or machine printed. A connoisseur will also be able to tell the difference by looking at the shapes of the imprinted motifs. This in turn, as a shopper, will help you gauge the right price for the merchandise sold. Additionally, the awareness about prints will help you figure out the longevity of ethnic wear. For instance, if you decide to buy khadi kurta online, you must know that these will not last as much as the rogan prints. 

  • Price to quality comparison

Price is a game-changing factor when it comes to online shopping. Most decisions of a cart converting into an order is based on the discount coupons available. In reality, this should not even be the last element to influence your purchase decision. Why? Let’s explain you with an example.

Say you want to buy collar kurti online and you like two designs on different portals. One is priced X, and the other is priced Y. But X is made in a sustainable way, using quality raw material and crafted to last. But Y (the cheaper variant) will probably tear in a couple of washes and doesn’t have a great skin feel. If Y had the same traits as X, but at a lower price, buying it would make sense. But in the scenario we narrated, you must choose to buy X collar kurti online!