Why Cotton Khadi Kurta for Women is Always on High Demand in India?

Cotton Kurta for Women

The South Asian countries experience humid weather for the maximum time of the year until the winter sets in November and stays till late March. Therefore, to beat the scorching summer heat and even the persisting humidity in the rainy season most South Asian countries including Indian women prefer the khadi kurta for women along with Khadi pants, sarees and dresses. Even in India, the trend of wearing Khadi shirts and kurtas is common in men and children.

As a mark of protest against the British Raj, it was Gandhiji who first introduced Khadi where he insisted on making your own clothes by spinning cotton in the wheel.

Later, this soft cotton fabric became the primary fabric and the favorite one of Indians for the comfort it provides even in extreme heat. Thus, from office-going Indian women to housewives- they all maintain a collection of khadi kurta collections in their cotton collectables including indigo and ajrakh print kurta sets.

Here are some reasons why khadi kurta for women is always in high demand in India—

Designer’s favorite 

Fortunately, today many designers have come forward and shown eagerness to design on khadi whether it’s their sarees, kurtas, blouses, block print kurti, trousers and more. You might also have a few favorite designers from whom you keep shopping the khadi and other cotton kurta or salwar kameez sets for different occasions.

Despite the simplicity maintained by the brand Khadi, many designers use the cotton fabric to exhibit their creativity with chic patchwork designs or simple embroidery work on the collar area or cuffs to give a signature look to their creations. This is the exact reason why their pieces become exclusive. You can count yourself among those privileged ones to wear Khadi yet with a touch of uniqueness.

Daily wear of Khadi kurta, shirts & khadi Pants 

To sustain the forty degrees Celsius, most Indian working women prefer kurtas and dresses of pure cotton, especially the sanganeri print kurta and block prints on the same are quite trending. However, IT professionals or bankers who have to maintain a formal dress code often pick up Khadi designer shirts and trousers.

Teachers and professors can flaunt their formal attire in the khadi kurta and trousers as well. You can easily choose these collections for summer instead of the Western formals to make them more manageable in the scorching summer.

 Even though your office might be air-conditioned, being in breathable fabrics can keep you safe from the extreme heat and your skin will thank you as these fabrics are 100% anti-allergic. Khadi fabric also reduces extreme sweating.

Pocket-friendly option 

In comparison to other variants of cotton fabrics, khadi is more pocket-friendly. You can easily purchase quite a few pieces of kurtas online by choosing a renowned store like Vishnu where they showcase an exclusive variety of khadi kurtas for women at quite an affordable price.

Also, add cotton block printed kurtas to your collections along with pants and palazzos to beat the summer heat without compromising the freshness of your closet.