Why handmade apparels are expensive but worth it ?

Why handmade apparels are expensive but worth it ?

How often have you kept a beautiful piece of Handmade apparel that caught your eye back on the store shelf, because you thought it was expensive? Let’s admit it, we have all done this at least once in our lives. In fact, most of our purchase decisions depend on the price tag, totally sidelining the quality/aesthetics, apparel design or any other vital buying element. If we put some thought into it, we will understand that though we all appreciate the aesthetic value and handmade apparel, we are unable to justify the price tag. This conflict arises from a lack of awareness about what makes them expensive and why these overpricedstuff is absolutely worth it.

When looking at anything handcrafted clothing, we tend to overlook that each piece has been woven/printed/knitted by hand, with love and perseverance to emit an unmatched exquisiteness. Our country is home to a flock of diversity when it comes to weaves and prints. In an age where impersonal and mass-produced machine-made outfits have engulfed us, some communities of artisans and craftsmen, have kept our ancient heritage of selling handmade clothing alive. To nurture and propagate this art is to believe in the handmade quality, durability, and toil that goes into crafting and retaining the individuality of each piece.

Since Vishnu collaborates with countless such communities to create one-of-its-kind ethnic collections, we have curated a list of reasons why handcrafted clothes are pricey but deserve a place in your closet:


Handicraft Clothing

Be it handmade decorative items or apparels the beauty lies in its exclusiveness. Not just each piece, each motif is distinct too. No two pieces of apparel crafted by hand are similar. There is color, print, or designing variation and this is what embodies their special character. This means when you wear anything handcrafted, you can be ascertained that it is specially made for you!

Environment friendly

Handmade Apparel

Ancient weaving and printing techniques relied heavily on nature to thrive. They drew inspiration from Mother Earth and strick a fine balance between use and respect of resources. For example, the Sanganeri and Bagru Print styles from Rajasthan are molded per the availability of water in these regions. Handmade clothing do not leave behind any emissions or harmful traces for the environment. Everything is done in harmony with nature, in turn contributing to sustainable fashion.


Handmade Apparel for Women

More often than not, the entire family of the artisan is involved in the process of creating handmade apparel for women. Each member has a designated task which plays a crucial role in the assimilation of the apparel design. The painstaking efforts and eye for detail results in the finesse of each print and design. An involvement and exertion this high, calls for fair wages.

We can all be instrumental in preserving the rich heritage and craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations and forms an integral part of our culture. All it takes is to look beyond the price tag and take pride in the sincere goodness and work that goes into designing each outfit. Remember that when you buy something handspun, you are indirectly encouraging and empowering locally brewed talents and leaving behind a sustainable environment at the same time!