Your guide to get the best Monsoon ethnic skirts online

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As we bid adieu to summers, we welcome one of the most delightful and refreshing season of all seasons - Monsoons! The smell of petrichor, the cool breeze blowing your hair in the wind, and the lushness of scenery wherever you look. But monsoons also mean humidity, damp streets, and sweating. So how do you make the most of monsoons? By choosing the right mix of practical and appealing attires that reflect and chime with the monsoon vibe perfectly. Here is a quick and practical guide on how to get your hands on the most alluring and comfortable monsoon skirts and ethnic skirts online.


  • Go for a Light Fabric Skirt: Naturally comfortable in all seasons, cotton skirts are one of the best pieces of clothing you can have during monsoons. The breathability and moisture-controlling properties of cotton make it a preferred option for all weathers but especially humid months. You can also go for light silk, crepe, and rayon as they lose moisture relatively quickly and stay fresh for longer periods. Chambray and Polyester are also really light fabrics that must be on your list when shopping for monsoon skirts online.


  • Lehenga/ Ghagra Skirt: Early part of the monsoons also witnesses the wedding season and related celebrations. Lehenga/Ghagra skirts are long ethnic skirts that have been around for centuries. A Lehenga skirt or what is also called a Ghagra skirt can be a really good option to flaunt during either at pre-wedding functions or for the main event as well. You can accompany the skirt with many options like a nice crop top, jacket, or scarf dupatta. You can also go with a medium Kurti with the ghagra to create an interesting look.


  • Banjara or Tribal Skirts: Worn traditionally by the nomadic or ghumantu tribes across India, Banjara skirts have come to be seen as a hip and chic skirt to originate from India. It’s a loose and comfy skirt that helps you vibe well with the vibrant ambiance of monsoons. They’re medium-length so you don't have to worry about lifting them if you’re walking amidst a waterlogged street. The Banjara skirt is available in many designs and shapes. Banjara skirts are slightly unusual but interesting ethnic skirts that can give you an innovative look during monsoons.


  • Tuck in or Wrap Around Skirts: Traditionally wrap skirts are ankle length but contemporary additions have made it available in many lengths, designs, and patterns. You wear these skirts by tying them with a loop on your waist. Since they mostly come in cotton, they are one of the better choices in monsoons than other skirt styles. You can rock a wrap skirt with short Kurtis or crop tops to create a refreshing look. Wrap skirts represent comfort, style, and simplistic elegance that you can never go wrong with.


  • Noteworthy Mentions: The mermaid or fishtail-shaped skirts are one of the most elegant, classy, and formal pieces of attire you can have in your wardrobe. From work meetings to semi-casual events, you can rock these with perfect finesse and charm and become the center of attention wherever you go. Then comes the Miniskirts. They’re great for monsoons since they are short in length and safely avoid getting wet. They also exude boldness yet with a touch of class that you can flaunt well during monsoons. Skort skirts are more than a tongue twister. From work to parties to even lounging casually at home, you can wear skorts almost anywhere and everywhere. Their comfort quotient and appeal is simply irresistible. Some other skirts for monsoons are Bubble skirts, godet skirts, A-line, pencil, and ruffled skirts.


Monsoons apart from their all-encompassing beauty can be challenging especially when it comes to deciding the right clothing. Choosing the right kind of fabric, colours, and designs for your particular body type will ensure you get the best out of monsoons and enjoy every bit of the rainy season without worrying about you or your clothes getting wet.